Christmas Cake Mix Cookies

christmas cake mix cookies babyshowerappetizers.com

“A Sweet Holiday Tradition: Sarah and Emily’s Christmas Sprinkles Cake Mix Cookies”

The holiday season is a magical time filled with joy, laughter, and, most importantly, the sweet aroma of homemade cookies. This year, Sarah, a loving mom, decided to start a new Christmas tradition with her young daughter Emily: baking Christmas Sprinkles Cake Mix Cookies. This simple yet delightful recipe is perfect for busy parents and eager little helpers.

christmas cake mix cookies babyshowerappetizers.com


  • 15.25 oz box white cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup oil
  • 8 drops green food coloring
  • 2.5 oz container Christmas Sprinkles
hristmas sprinkle cookies babyshowerappetizers.com

Baking Up Memories

The adventure begins in the warmth of Sarah’s kitchen, decked out in festive decor. Emily, with her little apron on, stands on a stool beside her mom, ready to dive into the world of baking.

Step 1: Preparing the Stage

Sarah preheats the oven to 350 degrees and lines a baking sheet with parchment paper. Emily’s eyes sparkle with excitement as she helps lay out the parchment, smoothing out every crease with her tiny hands.

christmas sprinkles babyshowerappetizers.com

Step 2: Mixing Magic

In a large bowl, Sarah combines the cake mix, eggs, oil, and food coloring. Emily watches in awe as the dough transforms into a festive green hue. Stirring the mixture, they talk about Christmas wishes and the joy of giving.

sprinkle cookies

Step 3: Sprinkles of Joy

Using a cookie scoop, Sarah lets Emily take charge. The little girl scoops the dough, dips the rounded side into a bowl brimming with colorful Christmas sprinkles, and carefully places each cookie on the baking sheet. Sarah watches with pride as Emily learns the delicate art of spacing the cookies just right.

Step 4: The Aroma of Christmas

The cookies bake for 8-10 minutes. As they wait, Sarah and Emily decorate the kitchen with handmade ornaments. The smell of baking cookies fills the air, bringing back memories of Sarah’s childhood.

Christmas Sprinkles Cake Mix Cookies

Step 5: A Sweet Conclusion

Once baked, the cookies cool on the baking sheet, and the duo transfers them to a cooling rack. The final product is a batch of beautifully festive, green-tinted cookies speckled with colorful sprinkles.

Cherishing the Moment

As they bite into the cookies, Sarah and Emily relish the sweet flavors and the even sweeter memories they’ve created. Sarah realizes that this isn’t just about baking cookies; it’s about the laughter, the stories, and the bond she’s strengthening with her daughter.

Christmas Sprinkles Cake Mix Cookies babyshowerappetizers

Sarah and Emily’s Christmas Sprinkles Cake Mix Cookies are more than a treat; they’re a symbol of love, tradition, and the joy of the holiday season. This simple recipe, brimming with festive cheer, is perfect for families looking to create their own holiday traditions. Remember, it’s not just about the cookies; it’s about the moments and memories you bake along the way.

Happy Holidays and Happy Baking! 🎄🍪

Christmas sprinkle cookies baby shower appetizers

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